Contractor/Supplier meeting attendees

Download an MP3 of the meeting (audio only) (24 MB, 111 minutes)

Larry Lynch, EnSolutions
Kory Burden, Archer Western
Rob Infantino, Archer Western
Guy Carpenter, Carollo Engineers
Lee Jenkins , EPCOR
Margaret Olek Esler, Fennemore Craig
Walt Cooper, FWCooper
Mike Schlehuber, Greenstone
[*Jim Pembroke, HDR Engineering]
Tod Hammon, Hennesy Equipment Sales Company
Richard Reese, Hensel Phelps Construction Co.
[*Keli Dobberstein, Hunter Contracting Co]
Roy Clackum, Jacobi
Brian Hamrilk, Liberty Water
Tom Nichols, Liberty Water
Randy Gates, Millennium Contractors
Dave Redman, MISCO
Nathan Haws, MWH
Scott Winegarden, Siemens
Buddy Boysen, SPI
Kevin Alexander, SPI
Paul Kinshella, Stantec
Eric Dole, Tata & Howard Consulting
Bob Ashfield, United Water
Gary Albertson, United Water
[*Rob Infantino, Walsh Construction/Archer Western Contractors, Ltd]
John Matta, Water Works Engineers
Michelle DeHaan, WaterWorks
Fred Tregaskes, Weber
Grant Anderson, Willdan
Steve Todd, Wilson Engineers
Floyd Marsh

[*registered for event but did not sign in]

David P. Kimball III from Gallagher & Kennedy answers questions at a meeting held for potential contractors and suppliers on September 21, 2010.